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A next-generation humanitarian collaboration serving immigrant survivors of trafficking, persecution and torture

The Adelante Pro Bono Project is a visionary next-generation humanitarian collaboration:  an immigration rapid response project founded by legal and medical professionals committed to the idea that international borders do not delineate where human rights begin and end.  Adelante is a remote pro bono legal-medical partnership that leverages tech solutions and a nationwide network to go virtually to where the need is greatest to provide rapid response services to uniquely vulnerable asylum seekers.  Our expertise is in working with particularly vulnerable populations:  those at the border, those who are detained, families with young children and unaccompanied minors.  

Adelante was founded in recognition of the reality that asylum seekers are often battling physical and mental health issues stemming from severe abuse, persecution, torture and prolonged trauma, and that the most vulnerable people are often the ones who face the greatest barriers in access to justice.  We work with our network of volunteer attorneys and doctors to provide pro bono legal and medical services in order to give our clients the best chance of success in their flight from persecution and to move forward with their lives.  We invite you to join us in pursuit of this mission.